Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

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Adrenalin pumping… ears tingling… your eyes widen in anticipation, as your screen flickers and comes alive. That invisible someone, somewhere, that perfect stranger, has connected with your computer, and you are dying to get going. You cannot explain the temporary rush of excitement that you experience with your cyber lover, as you indulge in virtual petting, and explicitly type out acts that you have only ever imagined in your fantasies. Is it because you feel SAFE behind the total anonymity and safety of the computer?

The recent phenomenon of Online Dating seems inexplicable. Most people, who participate in Online Dating, perceive it as harmless. But more and more netizens are finding out that its NOT so. On the net, you never really know whom you are talking to or what their motivations are, until you actually get to know them.

So, if you are the sort who would go ahead with Online Dating, here is a list of what you should and should not do when meeting new people on the “net”. After all, it is better being safe than sorry.

  • Lesson #1 Guard your Personal Information: Limit how much information you give out. Do not brag about your assets. It is an open invitation to charming con artists.
  • Lesson #2 Checking for Honesty: Ask about previous relationships. Was your date previously married? In any long-term relationships? Why did they end? Does there seem to be any remorse? Should there be? Does your date seem to have recovered from the separation or dissolving of the relationship? Always ask yourself “What previous relationships would say about you?” Whether it feels right or wrong, ask questions. If it does not seem to add up, maybe it does not….
  • Lesson #3 Netiquette: Your “Handle” is your moniker. Everybody on personal and chat sites associate the name with you. Using a suggestive name like HotBabe is asking for trouble. Ask yourself, what kinds of person are you tempting with that kind of handle? Think about your best qualities and proceed accordingly.

Important Iota
Behavior: It is very important to maintain appropriate decorum in Personals and Chat sites. If you are seriously looking for a mate, he is not going to want to orgy with you in the Main Lobby of a chat site. Do not diminish your own self-respect, and do not lower yourself in front of the others in the chat room. It is not fair to you!

So you have chatted online, talked on the phone, exchanged poems, cards, and pictures. Now you want to meet. You are totally convinced that you have played it safe, and used your best judgment. BUT you must still exercise extreme caution. You are meeting a stranger for the first time. This is not a blind date set up by a trusted friend. It is a person that you have found online or that has found you.

Remember, you only have one life, protect it!
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