First Date: Do’s and Don’ts

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Ask any singleton about the unavoidable first date, and it will invariably be defined as a high-pressure job interview combined with the artificiality of plastic flowers! Yet, we are all so willing to do practically ANYTHING to make a good impression on that first date. So, while she sports the suspicious air of a judge looking down her nose at a defendant, we, with all the high hopes, expectations and fears, are aiming to make it to the second date!

Maybe we find the person really attractive, maybe we are just lonely and need someone to talk to, or maybe we have just found a nice catch. To aid in the progress of l’amour au courant, here are the TEN COMMANDMENTS for first date advertisement dos and don’ts to follow:


  • Be yourself and relax: People know when you put on an act. So, do not ruin your chances with your date. Besides, if you are comfortable, your date will feel more at ease too.
  • Dress for the occasion: Dress to look good and feel comfortable. Always arrive well groomed. Rushing to a date from work looking disheveled is not the best way to begin. If there is no alternative, take a few minutes to freshen up, calm down, compose yourself, and relax before you approach your date.
  • Be polite and courteous: Impolite remarks or impatient behavior is offensive. Show respect for and towards your date. If you are a smoker ask whether it is ok to smoke and do not blow smoke in their face.
  • Be a good Listener: When you listen carefully, the conversation flows along. Do not ask too many personal questions.
  • Choose your food with care: Find out about your date’s food preferences before meeting. You might want to choose your menu with more care.
  • Do not be too pushy at the end of the date: Read the situation. If you have been having a good time you might want to give a quick kiss or a hug, but going any further on the first date usually gives off all the wrong signals. It might seem as if you are desperate or as if you are only after one thing. And thank your date for a nice time.
  • Do not get drunk: Keep your limit in mind.
  • Do not mention your last boyfriend/girlfriend six hundred times: Do not mention your past romantic liaisons. It just comes off as insecurity. Your date is with you because she finds some value in you. You do not need to point out the fact that all in fact, desires you.
  • Do not assume that he/she will pay: No matter who invites whom, it is always a nice gesture to offer to pay for half the check.
  • The most important tip: Date safe. And do not rush into intimacy. It will give you something to look forward to on future dates.

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