Why Cougar Dating Makes Sense to Women

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Cougar dating makes sense to women because younger men just don’t have the all the baggage and stuff and hang-ups that older men do.  Younger men also tend to be less sexist. The younger a guy is the less likely he is to be paying child support, have several exes and all of that obnoxious stuff,

Another reason women date younger men is because they have more sexual stamina.  They don’t need Viagra or Cialis to keep it going.  Cougar dating sites makes a lot of sense to the woman who wants someone to be more exciting in bed.

Another perk is that young men are much more attractive.  They tend to be in shape and look good on a career woman’s arm when she goes to town.  Furthermore the younger man tends to have a lot of respect for the older woman. They tend to be less sexist. They are more appreciative of a woman who is independent and sure of herself. They also don’t see her accomplishments as a threat because feminist mothers raised them. Some of the best sites to try are CougarHotDate.com & SeekingCougars.com .

The dark side of this is that sometimes the Cougar gets the man who does not want to grow up.  This type of date is looking for a mommy surrogate and unfortunately the older woman ends up paying the bills. Sometimes a great Cougar can see the potential in a young man and steer him in the right direction in life.

Cougar dating also appeals to women who want to feel young. Younger men always give them something exciting to do. Younger men like the fact that cougars have the sexual part of the relationship all figure out.  Lucky young men even get sexual techniques taught to them as part of the bonus of going out with an older woman.

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